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"Toughen up mate"

"Why don't you just grow a set and man-up?"

"Suck it up and keep going"


If you're an Australian male, you've probably had those beliefs drummed into you since you were a kid. The essential message is, "don't be vulnerable". Which, effectively, means "don't be human". This isn't good for men nor is it good for their partners or potential partners.

So how are men supposed to be in the world?

It's okay for girls to cry. Women tell their problems to at least five girlfriends. No wonder they live longer than men! (For more information on this, see a recent article on this I have posted under 'Relationship Advice'.)

So is it really a man's world, when men aren't allowed to feel - and express - emotional pain?"

If you need really good, down to earth and practical help that you won't get from your mates, Guy's Domain is here for you.

  • It works: From CEOs to Olympic athletes, to you and me. For 20 years Guy has helped many men and women change their focus and improve their lives. 

  • Practical: This isn't 'touchy feely' hippie therapy. We aren't going to collect auras. What it is, is getting to the real you for once. Providing a place for men and women where they can be real, be honest and be met by someone who isn't interested in the pretence but who is interested in the real life you have and where you want to take it from here.
  • Do it your way: We don't tell you what you should do. We talk you through any difficult issues, help you identify your goals and then work towards them in the way that suites you best.