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About Guy's Domain

Why did you start Guy's Domain?

Because guys are notoriously bad at asking for help. A guy could have a severed arm hanging by a thread and still refuse to go see a doctor. He'd say something like, "She'll be right. Just needs a band-aid."

When it comes to emotional pain, guys are even more likely to refuse help. We've been programmed that "real men" aren't emotional, so if they do feel emotional pain, it's a sign of weakness.

Of course, that's completely untrue. People - regardless of gender - have emotions and therefore experience emotional pain. So I started Guy's Domain to provide guys with the kind of support and assistance that doesn't freak them out, where they are encouraged to be themselves and, actually, to become more of who they are - not someone different.

Guy's Domain counselling is straight forward, down to earth and goal-orientated. No hugging. No burning effigies of your mother.  No BS.

Just really good advice born out of years of personal and professional experience.

What experience is that?

I have all the qualifications that you'd want - and expect - from a counsellor worth his or her salt (please see below). However, since commencing practicing in 1994, it's experience, and sheer number of hours working through problems with men and women from all walks of life, that qualify me to provide expert personal and relationship advice. And it's my passion.

Quite simply, my most valuable experience comes from the thousands of hours of working with individuals and couples on improving their relationships, depression, and every manner of issue - big and small.

Who have you worked with?

Unfortunately, I'm not able to name names because that would breach client confidentiality. But I can tell you that all men - whether they're tradies or some of the most widely known names in Australia - experience problems and need someone to talk to who can offer sound advice.

I have worked with:

  • People in public office
  • AFL players who've succumbed to the difficulties of being in the limelight
  • Olympic and elite athletes who have either been deselected or come to the end of their careers
  • CEOs of publicly listed companies... And many more.

Guy's Domain corporate clients:

  • AFL
  • Victorian Institute of Sport
  • P&O Ports
  • AAMI Limited
  • Superpartners
  • City of Stonnington
  • City of Port Phillip
  • Glen Eira Shire Council
  • Moorabool Shire Council
  • Victorian Association of Maternal & Child Health Nurses

I also regularly give talks nationwide, and deliver training to professionals on communication skills, dealing with difficult emotions, career direction and sport performance enhancement at elite levels.

What makes your counselling effective?

Psychology, counselling, therapy - they're all words that make guys want to run a mile. I help take the fear out of counselling and demystify the process. I believe in a collaborative relationship whereyou are the expert on you and I help you locate that expertise and put it to good use.

Whilst understanding psychological ideas is helpful, there's never been a need for psychobabble. I help people to make sense of difficult psychological concepts in an easy-to-use, digestible form, using humour, understanding, experience and empathy.

Professional History

  • Completed Graduate Diploma in Individual Psychotherapy and Relationship Therapy from Jansen Newman Institute in Sydney. JNI was known for its specialist focus on working with couples.
  • Became first intern at JNI.
  • Ran specialist training module on communication skills for practitioners in training.
  • Ran Interpersonal Psychotherapy groups for practitioners in training.
  • Completed Diploma in Somatic Psychotherapy run by some of the leaders in their field in Australia.
  • Presented a program accredited by the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP) to doctors nationally to improve patient compliance with treatment regimes through development of communication skills.
  • Completed Master of Counselling degree from University of New England.
  • Joined the Australian Association Relationship Counsellors (AARC - previously known as the Australian Association of Marriage and Family Counsellors).
  • Became a Victoria branch committee member of AARC (approximately 2000).
  • Became the AARC delegate to the Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia (PACFA - umbrella organisation of organisations within the field).
  • Became the Victorian State Representative to the AARC National Management Committee (approx 2001).
  • Assisted the thrust to the more inclusive name change from AAMFC to Australian Association of Relationship Counsellors (AARC) (approx 2005).
  • Master Clinician member AARC, #1063
  • Register Member, Psychotherapy And Counselling Federation of Australia (PACFA) #20480
  • AARC Executive, 2005- (current).
  • Sessional Lecturer, Australian College of Applied Psychology (post graduate and undergraduate programs)
  • National President, AARC, 2011-2013

I am able to offer

  • On-going professional development via regular case supervision with a more experienced peer in the field.
  • On-going professional development via regular external training in the field
    • one-on-one counselling for adults
    • relationship counselling
    • Group psychotherapy (2-hourly meeting once a week usually for a year).
  • Training days in:
    • Communication skills
    • Handling difficult emotions
    • Professional skills development (especially for HR staff in dealing with more complex issues and learning how to be involved but separate the self from the work so they don't get overwhelmed, burn out, etc.)
    • 12 week program for depression sufferers
    • Understanding the impact on adulthood (i.e. all areas of life) from our upbringing, known as Family of Origin.


  • Master of Counselling Degree (UNE)
  • Graduate Diploma in Individual Psychotherapy and Relationship Therapy (JNI)
  • Bachelor of Business Degree (UWS) as well as other qualifications.

Professional Development

I ensure I am up-to-date with the latest developments in the fields of psychotherapy and couples therapy by regularly attending workshops, seminars and conferences. As part of my client care I have regular, ongoing supervision from a qualified supervisor.

Professional Associations

  • Master Clinican member of the Australian Association of Relationship Counsellors Inc.  AARC is the peak body for relationship counsellors with regards to standards, rigorous competencies and ethics in Australia (www.aarc.org.au).
  • Member, AARC Executive (2005 - )
  • National President, AARC (2011- )
  • AARC Delegate to the Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia (PACFA) (www.pacfa.org.au)
  • Previously Vice President on the board of Positive Counselling
  • Director with the Bendigo Bank in Windsor.