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Friday, 20 November 2009 11:10


This painting, On the Threshold of Eternity by Vincent van Gogh, conveys the feelings of pain, isolation, despair and sadness that can be part of the experience of depression. Van Gogh himself suffered from depression and ultimately committed suicide.

Depression currently ranks 4th on the World Health Organisation's list of most debilitating human conditions. By 2020, WHO predicts this to slot in at Number 2 on the list.

Fortunately, we now know much more about helping people with depression but those who have suffered from it know just how debilitating it can be. Yet, unlike many other debilitating conditions, some with depression can often function in their regular daily lives. It is difficult but they can carry it off without anyone else knowing.

Precisely because there are no overt physical symptoms and because depression involves a certain type of thinking, many people continue to function and don't seek help, enduring the pain longer than necessary.

How do you know if you are depressed?

  1. Have you been feeling down, depressed, sad or blue for the last month or more?
  2. Have you lost interest in or stopped getting pleasure from the things that normally interest you or give you pleasure?
  3. Do you have a low opinion or harsh thoughts about yourself?
  4. Does it seem the outlook for your life is bleak in many areas?

If you answer yes to the these questions, it doesn't mean you are depressed but it does mean you should think about either getting more information or help in addressing what may be going on for you.

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Guy Vicars

Guy Vicars is an individual psychotherapist and relationship therapist in private practice. Guy has two professional areas he is passionate about: helping people with their relationships and helping people who suffer depression.

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