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Saturday, 21 November 2009 03:11

Cheating Spouse

Your life may feel like it has hit rock bottom but don't go cheating yourself out of a bright future - there are better ways of coping... Your life may feel like it has hit rock bottom but don't go cheating yourself out of a bright future - there are better ways of coping...

Has a cheating spouse torn your life apart?

Few things in life hurt more than a cheating spouse's gross breach of trust. The gut-wrenching experience of betrayal by a cheating spouse can fill you with awful pain and turn your life upsidedown. You probably feel devastated and may turn to excessive drinking and other self-destructive behaviours to lessen the pain. You may even think of or feel like suicide.

If the pressure feels too difficult to bear, or you can't even contemplate forgiveness and moving on, you may benefit from talking to someone about how you feel.

Just remember, that feelings subside and change. Almost everyone experiences the pains of having loved and lost. It's part of life.  But because the feelings can be so intense and so bad, we need help and guidance to make sense of it all.  This is completely normal.  Bottling it all up is not.  The sign of a mature person is someone who knows he or she can reach for proper help when they need it.

MAYBE YOU ARE THE ONE WHO IS HAVING AN AFFAIR and you don't know what to do?

Are you reading the papers looking though everything about Tiger Woods to see what can help? And I am not talking about his backswing! No one is perfect and being part of an affair can be devastating, confusing and isolating. Because no one (supposedly) 'understands' this can make an affair much more difficult to deal with...because the only person who knows about it is the person you are having an affair with!

What do you do when you need unbiased help and understanding to help you sort through the heady mix of feelings and the racing thoughts...not to mention the guilt.

Why you could use someone to talk to:

  • Your friends will probably disown you if you keep talking to them about it
  • It's ok to need help sometimes; a professional counsellor allows you to discuss issues in a safe environment
  • Understanding the cause of the problems will help you prevent the same mistakes from happening again. This will help you to move forward with your life
  • Learn to manage your feelings, rather than letting them manage you
  • Validate your feelings and the feelings of others by gaining a proper perspective of the problem.

Guy's Domain caters for everyone in the damaged relationship:

  • The innocent party
  • The cheating spouse
  • Any children involved.

Guy's Domain will recommend a counsellor to help you manage the fallout from a cheating spouse. Together or separately, a counsellor will ask those potentially difficult "Why's" to establish why the relationship broke down. And how - or if - it can be repaired.

Take back control over your life and happiness, and speak to Guy's Domain today.

Call 0412 591 335 today or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and a professional counsellor will contact you shortly.

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Guy Vicars

Guy Vicars is an individual psychotherapist and relationship therapist in private practice. Guy has two professional areas he is passionate about: helping people with their relationships and helping people who suffer depression.


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