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Understanding Men

At Guys Domain, you don't always have to Do It Yourself! At Guys Domain, you don't always have to Do It Yourself!

Why do people view men this way?

Men often get lampooned as two-dimensional Homer Simpson's. They are portrayed in the media - and in real life - as simpletons who just "don't get it".  Although men, women and children love Homer's character because of his recognisable - and amusing - male qualities, we are rarely shown his other side. The pains, beliefs, values, loves, desires and losses that Homer experiences are kept from us.

Society sees men in a very limiting way and men get very mixed messages about who they are and how they are supposed to be.  Men are supposed to be...

  • Without emotions, hurts or needs - rugged individuals;
  • Soft and cuddly with their women and children - emotionally available "snags";
  • Collaborative and understanding in the workplace, yet hard enough not to care when they lose their own, or other people's, battles.


This contorted expectation of men would have kept Houdini baffled.

What are men supposed to do when their own expectations aren't fulfilled? What do you do when you realise that...

  • Your marriage is over?
  • Your spouse is cheating and you have to start again?
  • You've lost your job and still have to provide for your family?
  • You were backstabbed and lost the deal?
  • You've been let down?
  • Your 'idea' isn't ever going to get off the ground?
  • The dream you've held isn't going to be fulfilled?
  • What you thought was the right path suddenly isn't, and you have no idea what to do?
  • Your grief over hurts has accumulated so much that you can't ignore them anymore?

When Life asks questions you never expected to answer, who is there foryou?

At Guy's Domain, we have the life experience, work experience, professional expertise and - most importantly - the time to help you work everything out.

  • We provide the time and the space that men rarely give themselves, but frequently have to give to others. Guy's Domain is a place for you to think, to reflect and be supported.
  • You can understand your past in relation to your life now, and then map out your future. We're here to help you during your transition between the past and your future.

Benefits of Speaking to Guy's Domain

It's simply impossible to walk away from every disappointment as if it means nothing and simply 'start again'. This popular myth cripples men.

Give yourself the time to understand events that have happened, or are currently happening. You will...

  • Be less stressed, sleep better and laugh more
  • Be in a better position to get going and achieve the things you want to do
  • Meet your responsibilities and obligations so they're not a burden
  • Become more ALIVE in your life
  • Become more of the person you're supposed to be (not less of who you are)
  • Bring flexibility and fun back into your life.


We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?
Actually, who are we NOT to be?

Marianne Williamson

Think about it: Do you really want to stay where you are? Do you need to stay where you are?

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